Why Tallinn?

The Medieval Pearl

Cosy, fairy-tale like Tallinn is one of best-preserved medieval towns in the world.  Walking through the architecturally magnificent Estonian capital is like a journey back in time to the period when Tallinn was a wealthy Hanseatic town.  

Today Tallinn is one of Europe’s most complete walled towns with orange-topped castle towers, narrow medieval streets, colourful ancient churches and noble merchants' houses.  It’s no wonder Tallinn is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

A short trip to visit Helsinki

Travel distances are short in this region and a great way to experience this is by taking a fast ferry to visit Helsinki.

The elegant Finnish capital is a popular day trip - just 2 hours by ferry takes you to the city to explore its major sights and you can easily can be back in Tallinn for dinner.

Unusual restaurants and venues for meetings

It’s no surprise to hear that Tallinn boasts a variety of outstanding medieval restaurants offering medieval feasts and themed performances including knight’s battles, music and dances.  Moreover, just a short drive from Tallinn takes you to a luxury historical manor, where you can enjoy an exquisite gala dinner.  

Fine-dining, gastronomical adventures and authentic food - you can have a truly memorable gastronomical experience in Tallinn’s blossoming first-rate restaurants.

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