Why Vilnius?


Vilnius Old town is the largest in Eastern Europe with more than 2,500 buildings. The biggest part of the Old Town is a perfect example of late Baroque and is the largest Baroque old town outside Italy.  Walking through Vilnius, you will be amazed by the extravagant richness of the decorative facades of churches, delightful warm and mellow houses and a labyrinth of inner courtyards.

For many centuries Vilnius has been home to a mix of nationalities: Lithuanians, Russians, Jews, Polish, Germans.  All have considered Vilnius their home and made their best to make it beautiful in their own way, which makes a Vilnius city tour the most interesting tour among the other Baltic capitals.

The most authentic capital

Vilnius is more bohemian and not as touristic and commercial as other Baltic Capitals.  You can find lots of hidden places where locals are still living an authentic lifestyle, like a century ago.  

Step inside a hidden yard and you will find babushka planting potatoes in her garden!  Here, even the fanciest restaurants, nightclubs and bars are full of locals, which makes Vilnius the best choice for those seeking cultural discoveries and authentic experiences.

Cheap fine dining and new world-class hotels

Vilnius is one of the cheapest capitals in Europe and we speak not only about simple local restaurants and budget hotels.  Lots of excellent restaurants offer fine dining with a trend to use organic local products.  Here you can have an outstanding gourmet experience for the price of a mid-range restaurant in most Western European countries.

Moreover, the construction of new world-class hotels is booming in Vilnius. Hilton Worldwide, DoubleTree by Hilton, Design Hotels, Courtyard by Marriott Hotel, Radisson Red – all of these new hotels are being built in 2018, making business accommodation in Vilnius even more affordable than it was before.

Adventures in unspoiled nature

Only a few minutes driving separates Vilnius from pine forest and crystal-clear lakes.  Lithuania boasts an impressive number of lakes (6000 of them!) and forest that covers 33% of the land. 

No wonder it’s an excellent playground for all sorts of adventures for every taste, from so-called ‘soft adventures’ to the real adrenaline rush.  From picking berries and mushrooms, also called ‘silent hunting’ (try and you will understand why!), to cycling alongside picturesque hills and lakes, trekking though swamps, canoeing, jeep safari, ice fishing or an unforgettable flight in a hot air balloon above the scenic Trakai Castle and lakes. 

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