Why should you organise
your business event in the Baltic States?

Although the Baltic States of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania are three different countries, their mentality and work culture have a lot in common with their Scandinavian neighbours. You can justifiably expect your Baltic partners to be punctual, well prepared and pay a lot of attention to every detail of your event. Moreover, we do our best to be flexible and we’re not afraid of extra work hours to provide the best service to our clients.

Great value for money

Here you can often expect newer luxury hotels and a better service for the same price as for some mid-range hotels in Western European countries.  Despite the general growth of the economies (in 2016 Lithuania and Latvia were among Europe’s top 10 fastest growing economies), these countries also remain quite cheap with regard to local products, transportation, restaurants, etc. 

A compact and green destination

On an international scale, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania are tiny.  The 3 Baltic capitals are situated within 4 hours drive from each other (approximately 300 km), so you don’t waste time moving from one exciting place to another.  Also, did you know that the Baltic States are one of the greenest places in the world, with forest covering roughly 40% of the land area?  Just a short drive separates the lively Baltic capitals from unspoiled nature with dense forests, crystal clean lakes, excellent spa and seaside resorts with blue flag beaches and dunes. 

Easy to reach

Your trip to the Baltic capitals will be easy and short, with a flying time of only 1–3 hours separating Riga, Tallinn and Vilnius from the major European cities.  Like the countries themselves, the airports are small and comfortable, without long queues and big crowds.  You will arrive here fresh and ready for new experiences!

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