Saint Petersburg

Why Saint Petersburg?

The place to be for the culture lovers

Alongside Paris or Rome, visiting Saint Petersburg should be on the list of any traveler looking for unforgettable cultural adventures. This city is called “The Cultural Capital” of Russia for a number of serious reasons: it houses several hundred museums and exhibition halls, including the world’s largest museum, the Hermitage.

The former elegant winter and summer palaces of the Russian Imperators will impress you with their enormous art collections and luxury interiors, including the famous Amber Room.

For an evening or two, get ready to be entertained in the Marinsky Theatre, which has been providing the world with an overabundance of great artists and set ups. This is an extraordinary place to see the Russian Ballet.

The world’s largest museum

Saint Petersburg is a home to the Hermitage museum, also known as the world’s largest museum. It is located in the Winter Palace, a baroque masterpiece and residence of the Russian tsars. It boasts a collection of art from the Stone Age to the 20th century.

The Hermitage is so large that, according to experts, it would take you 9 years to look at each item of the museum collection for one minute! So, don’t get frustrated if you can’t see it all, but take away some special memories from this visit, because the Hermitage is definitely a “must see” museum for any art lover.

Architecture splendor

For more than 300 years, Russian Imperators and nobility have been putting a lot of time and financial resources to make Saint Petersburg, the young brother of Moscow, a true architectural masterpiece and outperform the ancient Russian capital.

Thus, they had all the means to implement everything that was “hot” in Europe in those days in the outlook of their beloved city. So, be ready to be impressed by the Peterhof Palace - the Russian answer to Versailles, the luxurious interiors of the Catherine and Pavlovsk palaces, the elegant facades of noble residences and the bright city avenues.

The most European city in Russia

All Russians know that Saint Petersburg was built as Russia's “window to Europe”, a symbol of Russia willing to integrate the best European ideas of art, architecture and science in their homeland. Today, all guests of the city feel this atmosphere almost everywhere they go – shops, restaurant, art galleries, and theatres...even in the street planning.

Venice of the North

Saint Petersburg is a city on water, built on the Neva River and a large system of canals with lines of elegant places and bridges. A canal tour is a perfect way to explore this magnificent city and admire it from the water. Are you up for a luxury boat trip with opera singers, caviar and champagne on board? Or perhaps vodka tasting and Russian bear dancing? A night-time tour during the White Nights period to see the seven bridges across the Neva River opening from the water?

Take a boat to go the island of Neva Delta or to see the world-famous ensemble of fountains – there are plenty of cool ideas for how you can enjoy “Venice of the North”.

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