Why Moscow?

An intriguing mix of Europe and Asia

77% of Russia is located in Asia while the vast majority of the population lives in the European side. Some Russians claim they have a very special identity which is non-European, non-Asian – but rather a specific mix.

Moreover, while visiting Moscow, you should keep in mind that it is also a capital town for 160 different nationalities living in Russia, many of them of Asian origin. Hence, here you can feel this blend of cultures and religions and see how it formed the current look of the city.

This European-Asian mix is obvious in a variety of ethnic restaurants, art and architecture, street fashion, souvenirs and basically everywhere you go.

World must-see sight

You can’t say you travelled the world if you haven’t been to Moscow. Everyone has seen Moscow’s popular sights on TV, like the great Kremlin and fairy-tale-like St. Basil Cathedral. Well, it is even more impressive to see this incredible ensemble in person and discover what treasures are hidden inside.

“The mother of Russian cities” has much more to offer in addition to these sights: art treasures of its great museums, ancient churches, incredible performances of top world theatres, and even an ordinary activity like taking a metro will surprise you, with its stations that appear more like luxury palaces rather than public transportation stops.


Russian cuisine in posh restaurants or cozy canteens

Only a few Russian dishes have received international recognition. However, Russian cuisine has a lot to offer both those looking for gourmet dining or everyday traditional food.

Еhe cold Russian winter encourages people to appreciate soups rich in flavor and dishes with potatoes, pastry and sour cream. Yet delicate smoked fishes, paper-thin crêpes and caviar are equal contenders in Russian cuisine, where you can also feel the French influence. Moscow is a perfect place to try it all. Choose between fine dining in top restaurants where you can enjoy not only food, but also admire golden luxury interiors as if you were a guest in a Tsar’s palace.

If you are looking for authentic experiences and to be “close to people”, then you would appreciate tasting some classical Russian dishes of good quality in local canteens.

Outstanding adventures

For centuries, Russia has been an active player in world politics, and Moscow has been a place where the main Russian achievements, political events and struggles took place. First men in Space? The KGB headquarters? The Cold War?

Come here to experience it all! Feel like Gagarin in the Soviet Cosmonaut Training Centre, where you can fly in zero gravity in the biggest centrifuge in the world. Do you want to see one of the biggest secrets of world politics of the 20th century?

Visit the 60m deep underground nuclear bunker built to protect Stalin and the Soviet government from a nuclear attack. You can also take part in a treasure hunt, KGB style, or visit the KGB headquarters and learn about Russia’s secret service development.

Gate to the Russian soul

Venture outside Moscow for other incredible cultural discoveries. Moscow can be used as a gateway to “true Russia” that can be found in the province, especially by visiting “The Golden Ring” – a name for the route with several small towns northeast of Moscow.

A day trip from Moscow to these towns is like a trip to a different universe. Travel there to enjoy a peaceful life in the Russian provinces with their beautiful countryside views, and immerse yourself in the world of Russian history and architecture.

Wander amongst the ancient fortresses and beautiful monasteries made of white stone and hear the church bell ring. The Golden Ring starts in Moscow and goes through Sergiev Posad, Suzdal, Vladimir, and Yaroslavl.

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